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We believe that the Preconstruction Phase is one of the most crucial phases in the overall life of a project. Our approach is comprehensive and deliberate.

The steps in the Preconstruction Phase include:


This process begins with a Partnering Meeting to gather all team members who will be involved in the design, construction and end use of the project.


A Master Schedule for the project through design and construction will facilitate the overall process.


DesCor believes strongly in the importance of providing continuous "up to the minute" cost control feedback to allow the team to Design to a Budget as opposed to Budget to a Design.

Contract Document Estimate

Descor prepares a Contract Document estimate and solidifies a GMP.

Constructability Review / Document Control

As the Preconstruction process moves forward, DesCor proactively checks the documents for completeness, coordination, and constructability.

Bid Packages / Competitive Bidding

DesCor develops logical and distinct trade contractor bid packages for all scopes of work.

Value Analysis and Cost Control

Our approach to Value Analysis is proactive and when initiated early in the process, yields optimum results as we search out cost economies rather than reacting to cost overruns during the working drawing stages or worse yet, in the field.

Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)

Upon completion of the subcontractor bidding process, DesCor establishes a detailed Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).

We are hands-on problem solvers who enjoy providing creative solutions to construction challenges. ...

Documents, communication, schedules, safety, etc. are all integral steps to a successful construction project...

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